The Best Deep Cleaning Service In Memphis

Deep cleaning is the answer when a standard cleaning service won’t cut it. It’s the answer for any home that requires some serious work after some time without being cleaned.

With time, grime and dirt accumulate in your home, even if you clean it constantly. This is why you need to deep clean once in a while.

A deep cleaning service will go even beyond to offer an outstanding service and leave pretty much every corner of your home looking shiny.

Memphis Maids has more than 10 years of service, and we’ve formed a strong bond with our community in Memphis, TN. We let our work speak for ourselves and the quality is always top-notch thanks to our amazing, professional staff.

What is a Deep Cleaning Service?

Deep house cleaning is based upon our standard service, with additional tasks that are important to get done occasionally.

Even if you get your standard cleaning tasks done and remove dust and grease sitting on top of your surfaces, there are still nooks and crannies that need some love once in a while.

Otherwise, grime and even bacteria and mold can build up for months or even years without you knowing. This can represent not only a bad look, but potentially a health hazard.

When To Choose a Deep Cleaning Service

Memphis Maids offers three main types of services: Standard, Deep, and Move In & Move Out Cleaning. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing knowing which one to choose.

You should choose a deep cleaning service for any of the following cases:

You haven’t cleaned your home professionally in a while. Deep cleaning is always recommended as a first-time service, or if your home hasn’t been cleaned for a few months.

  • Your home has some signs that require something that goes above and beyond a standard cleaning service: stained floors, rusty doors and windows or dirt under the carpet. You will notice the difference if you have cleaned on your own so far.
    Special dates like festivities and reunions with friends and family are a great opportunity to hire a deep cleaning service.
  • There’s a birthday coming soon, and you don’t know what to give? Deep cleaning is a great idea for a gift!
  • If you are moving out soon, you might think of hiring a deep cleaning. In this case, we recommend you check out our move in & move out cleaning service.

How Often Should I Book a Deep Cleaning Service

This is asked very frequently by our new customers. It’s not easy to suggest the perfect frequency for everyone, even for long-time customers.

The best advice here is to talk directly to us! We are able to follow up on your home’s previous cleaning bookings and, depending on the size of your home and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, we can give you a suggestion to choose the perfect time for hiring a deep service again.

The Entire Deep House Cleaning Step by Step


Memphis Maids’ Cleaning Day: Step by Step

If you don’t usually book a cleaning service, you might feel a little lost on knowing what you should or should not to before our cleaning artists arrive.

One of the first concerns is related to confirming the date and time of your booking. Having a busy schedule makes people forget sometimes that their cleaning staff is coming over, especially the first time (if this is the start of a recurring schedule).

Don’t worry about forgetting cleaning day! Our goal is to make your life easier, not just with the actual cleaning, but the entire process. This means that, if you are a first-time or one-time customer, we will contact you the day before to make sure you are good to go for cleaning on the next day.

Next, we have to ensure our cleaning staff is able to enter your home. If you will stay home, then no problem! And if you won’t be home, that’s perfect too! You can wait for them to arrive, greet them and, if you want, give them any additional information or instructions you deem necessary.

If you won’t be home at all that day, just leave the key hidden on the premises and let us know where will it be. Or, you can buy a cheap lockbox and let us know the combination so they will get access to your house keys and lock everything once they finish. This option works great because you won’t need to be home at all so you can enjoy your free time without worrying.

The next step is ensuring our cleaners can be as efficient and fast as possible once they get home. For this, we do ask you to tidy up your home a little bit. Of course, you don’t need to do any wiping, dusting, or scrubbing. That’s what Memphis Maids are here for!

We just need you to pick up random items off the ground (if any) and arrange items that are out of place. This will allow our staff to dedicate their time and energy to clean your home as soon as they get there.

This isn’t mandatory, but keep in mind that our staff might have to charge extra if they have to spend considerable time organizing and tidying up instead of mopping, dusting and vacuuming.

While you are tidying up, don’t forget to place your documents in a proper place. Otherwise, our staff might dispose of them by mistake.

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t need you to be home during the cleaning process. We do not even require you being there before cleaners get in! As long as they are able to enter your home, everything is good to go.

However, if you are booking Memphis Maids for the first time, it’s likely that you want to say hi to our staff and have a quick chat with them.

If you are not home before our cleaners arrive, make sure they have a way in, either by using a lockbox or a hidden spot near the entrance. If you want to, you can leave written instructions to the staff if you haven’t mentioned them already during the booking process.

If your pets are calm and friendly around strangers, let them roam freely around the house. If there’s a chance they get nervous or aggressive, please take them for a walk or leave them in a safe area to avoid any accidents.

If you do decide to stay at home during cleaning, that’s great too! We do have a few suggestions if that is the case.

Please, don’t helicopter the cleaners. Our staff has plenty of preparation and experience, it won’t be comfortable for either you or our cleaners to have someone supervising them as they go.

Feel free to check out their work after they have finished and if they have made a mistake or if you were not happy about the results on a particular area or room, please let them know and they will take care of it!

Sometimes, homeowners need to stay home during cleaning because they are watching their kids or working from home. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, this has increased noticeably. That’s completely fine! However, we kindly ask you to stay out of their way when our staff is cleaning. This will allow them to move freely and quickly around the room as they go through each area.

Once they need to clean your office or workspace, we would appreciate if you leave the room briefly. You can take this brief moment to take a break or continue working in a different area. We will ensure to work fast and efficiently so you can get back to your workspace.

Before you notice, our staff will leave your home spotless. If you were home or if you arrived just before they leave, we understand you might want to take a look to see how everything turned out and say hi to our cleaners if you haven’t had the time.

If you are happy with their work, feel free to give them tips! They keep 100% of tips and it’s a great motivation to keep up their good work.

And don’t worry about the follow-up, we will contact you to find out how everything went out.

As a cleaning company, Memphis Maids always keeps track of the experience our staff had with our customers to ensure their happiness and satisfaction.

Soon after our workers leave, we will call you to ensure that the cleaner’s performance and behavior was top-notch.

Occasionally we might ask you to give us an online review. This takes less than 5 minutes, and helps other people looking for a cleaning service to hear from our company and whether our customers are happy with our work.

And if you mention your cleaner’s name when talking about your happy experience with them, they get a bonus!

Don’t worry, we won’t be bothering you each time after a cleaning service. We will follow up occasionally though if you have booked our service regularly. We want to ensure our quality stays consistent and that you are more happy and satisfied with our service.

If at any point you were not happy with your service during or after the cleaning process, please call us within 48 hours! We take our customer’s satisfaction very seriously and we work our best to fix any issues as soon as possible.

Just take pictures of the areas/surfaces that were not cleaned to your standards and we will send cleaners right away.

The majority of our customers prefer booking a recurring service. Not only is it cheaper, but it helps so much with their family dynamics. Imagine having free time every single month -or week- for you to spend with your family and forget about cleaning chores permanently. That is a huge increase in your quality of life.

You can schedule a cleaning service once a week, or twice per month, or once every 4 weeks. This can be done right during the booking process.

However, if you want to test waters first you can hire a one-time service and then change it to a recurring service.

Feel free to let us know this during our follow-up call, or at any point by using our contact page.

Memphis Maids has offered cleaning services for 10 years and the feedback from our community has always been incredible.

Feel free to check our booking page or contact us at (901) 831-2077 if there’s more you wish to know about our company.

We are always open to feedback and hearing from new families that wish to book our services!