Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions





  • We are a in the business of matching Housekeepers and Homeowners. We stand by our Housekeeper’s service! If you’d like to cancel for any reason whatsoever, just call anytime to end service. There is no contract that locks you in.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the housekeeper, call and we’ll send another one.
  • Services are charged when the Homeowner or Memphis Maids representative reserves a spot in the schedule, not during or after service is performed. Furthermore, cancellations will be charged on credit card.
  • You may reschedule, skip, or cancel any of your cleanings. We do ask for a 24-hour notice of any of these actions. Without a 24-hour notice there is a $45.00 cancellation fee. The full amount will be charged to the credit card on file for cancellations happening at your door.
  • The housekeeper needs to be able to work freely and without distractions. Be advised that if the housekeeper is subject to distractions that affect her ability to work she may not efficiently complete items on your to-do list.
  • All of our Housekeepers are Independent Contractors and are responsible for their own insurance and taxes.
  • The Housekeeper and Memphis Maids assumes no liability for damage or loss of items that are not secured in a proper manner, or previously damaged before cleaning. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, or dings in furniture that were there before we cleaned). Further, Housekeeper will assume no liability for damage or loss caused by the negligence of the customer.
  • Items of extreme value (monetary or sentimental) should be dusted or cleaned by the owner.
  • Should damage occur due to the negligence of Housekeeper, Homeowner shall seek redress directly from the Housekeeper and not Memphis Maids. The housekeepers are independent professionals, they are liable for any damages that may occur.
  • Collaboration & Non-Compete

    a) Collaboration is solely by and between Memphis Maids and the Homeowner and can take place via email, phone, or any other mean proposed.
    b) While this agreement is in effect, the Homeowner is not allowed to directly hire (directly pay) or work with the housekeeper provided unless the Homeowner pays a referral fee (see paragraph d).
    c) After the Homeowner has ended its collaboration with Memphis Maids the Homeowner is not allowed to directly hire or work with the Housekeeper without written consent from Memphis Maids. In the alternative, if Homeowner fails to seek written consent then Homeowner shall not directly hire or work with housekeeper prior to the expiration of one year from the date this Agreement. In either event, the referral fee described in paragraph (d) below is expected to be paid in a timely fashion.
    d) The Homeowner may also pay an exit fee of $1,750.00 to Memphis Maids after six months of services are provided if the Homeowner wants to hire and work with the human resource directly ($1,750.00 per Housekeeper).
    f) If Homeowner fails to pay the above-described exit fee, then Memphis Maids shall reserve the right to pursue a claim for damages. Both parties acknowledge the difficulty of calculating damages under this non-compete clause. As such, both parties agree that in the event of any violations, Memphis Maids will be entitled to liquidated damages of $10,000, set for the purpose of discouraging violations, which liquidated damages are to be awarded in favor of Memphis Maids and against Homeowner.

  • Although the housekeepers are professionals, they are not miracle workers. Sometimes they are called in too late to correct damage that is already done, or items may take a couple of cleanings to look their best. We will work with you and the housekeeper in the most cost-effective way to try to remedy these spots in your home.