About us


Pretty bold right? #1 isn’t just a number at Memphis Maids; it’s a business model. The road to blue ribbon cleaning service is based on a simple equation: Better Cleaning + Better Customer Service + Spotless Ethics = The #1 Cleaning Service in Memphis.


We are picky! At Memphis Maids not just anybody can be a housekeeper. Our employees must back up their talents with experience and exceptional references. We seek 1) an exceptional work ethic and 2) staff that have a good heart. Can’t have one without the other!


Memphis Maids’ founders have experience running one of the largest and the most award winning maid service in Dallas, Texas. Now they bring years of experience in providing top-notch house cleaning to their home town, Memphis, Tennessee.

Featured Testimonial

Jason W.

“Summary: They were one of the best discoveries I made in Memphis.

When I was living in Memphis, I had a situation where someone broke into my apartment when I was out of town and trashed the place. It looked like John Belushi came back from the dead and reunited the cast of Animal House within my apartment.

They didn’t steal anything…just had a party and left garbage EVERYWHERE. Yes, even in the toilet.

Well, my landlord wanted it cleaned right away. With work and everything that was going on, I didn’t have the hours and hours I knew I would need to clean the place to their desires. So I hopped on the internet.

I’m not rich. Not even close. So when I saw the so-called “elite” places and their pricing I was discouraged. Then I found Memphis Maids, the prices were very reasonable, and I thought I’d take a shot.

My “maid” made the place look better than I thought it could look…

So that started a two year relationship (even when I moved from one side of Memphis to another) of Memphis Maids taking care of my apartment every few months. They were on time, dependable and followed through with everything they said they would do.

Bottom Line: If you want a place so clean your mom will be embarrassed about how she cleaned your room as a kid, call these guys.”