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Green Cleaning

Finally, a green cleaning service in Memphis that you can trust!

Memphis Maids is proud to introduce our green cleaning service option! After careful research and training we are ready to take this step towards environmental responsibility and integrity. We have created a new option in Memphis for families and individuals that are interested in conservation and natural cleaning.

Authentic green cleaning involves changes in cleaning products, cleaning processes and every day business operations to minimize negative impact on the environment and create a safer, healthier living space for your family. Here are some benefits of green cleaning:

  • Reduction of allergens and irritants by using products that are non-toxic and all natural, reducing the potential health problems ranging from headaches to certain types of cancers that can be caused by the toxins in traditional cleaning products.
  • Green cleaning reduces irritants that can cause respiratory problems or aggravate existing conditions such as asthma. Green cleaning products have no fragrance added.
  • Green cleaning products are much safer than traditional products for use around small children and pets.
  • Reduce your family’s impact on the environment, protecting the earth for future generations!

Green cleaning is good for your family’s health, good for the earth and good for Memphis! Here are some of the ways that Memphis Maids has gone green:

  • We have begun offering green cleaning service in Memphis with great success! We are using quality, non-toxic, organic, green seal cleaning products for those of our clients who request green cleaning. There is no additional charge for green cleaning!
  • We switched to reusable spray bottles and product dispensers to minimize landfill waste. We buy our products in bulk and with minimal or reusable packaging material.
  • We are using color coded microfiber cloths that avoid cross contamination and can also be thoroughly sanitized and reused. The same goes for mop heads and dusters!
  • We dropped our office space, creating a virtual office instead. Now, our housekeepers travel directly from their homes to yours, saving gasoline and reducing air pollution. The virtual office requires very minimal energy consumption above what we are already consuming in our homes.
  • We have cut down on the needless driving from place to place, encouraging ride sharing, streamlining our daily routes and coordinating pickups of supplies for when it’s “on the way”.
  • We reduced our use of paper. A whopping 95% of our marketing is done through paper-free mediums online. We also use email for our invoicing and offer the option to pay via internet. All of our training materials are distributed in PDF form and the work orders are issued via email.
  • We are dedicated and passionate about continued training and education to stay abreast of new developments in science and technology toward creating a greener Memphis!

Green Cleaning in Memphis, TN


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