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Household Cleaners: Damages They Can Cause

July 11, 2013 by admin

dangerous cleaners


With everyone going green these days it got me thinking, what exactly is in your typical household cleaner? What I found was astonishing! I’m still confused as to what exactly each of these chemicals is, but I learned enough to know what they are found in and what damage they can cause, for me that am enough! Here are just a few to start with.

  • Formaldehyde – It’s found in spray deodorizers and is known to be a respiratory irritant. Doesn’t smell so great now, does it?
  • Petroleum Solvents – Found in floor cleaners. This chemical causes damage to the mucous membranes.
  • Chlorinated Phenols – This can be found in your toilet bowl cleaner. So after you get done scrubbing that toilet you might want to see your doctor and have your respiratory and circulatory systems checked. This cleaner causes harm to both.
  • Diethylene Glycol – This nasty little chemical is in most window cleaners. Yes, it may get those windows shined but it also depresses the nervous system.
  • Butyl Cellosolve – You can find this ingredient in our beloved all-purpose cleaners. We all love these types of cleaners because it tackles multiple surfaces that need cleaning. It’s also tackling your liver, kidneys, nervous system, damaging bone marrow and in some cases causing cancer. Talk about multiple purposes that are multiple risks to your health.

I bet your thinking twice now about what’s in your cleaning cabinet. All these hazardous chemicals can easily be replaces by safe and non-toxic products. The down side is that it’s hard to tell which product contains what. Most household cleaners contain these harmful chemicals. However the law does not make manufacturers list their damaging recipes or ingredients on their product. Basically the government is backing up the products that contain all these toxic chemicals and forgetting the health of all humans and our environment. I hope that after you have read this you will have a better understanding what’s being used in your home and the damage they can cause.

The Power of Baking Soda!

July 11, 2013 by admin

baking soda

Baking soda has become a must have item any everyone’s home. It’s not just for baking or just popping a box in the fridge, although it does help to keep food fresh. I have a compiled a list of ways you can use baking soda. Here’s to the power of baking soda and its many uses!

1. Drains/Pipes – Sprinkle a little baking soda down your drains and let it work its magic. This will help unclog those pipes in no time at all.

2. Carpet Freshener – Lightly dust your carpet or rugs with a little baking soda, let sit for 15 minutes and then vacuum it up. This helps with any odors that may be hiding in your carpet.

3. Oven Cleaner – Toss a small amount around the bottom of your oven. Then spray a little water over the baking soda and let that sit overnight. The next morning wipe everywhere you see it needs cleaning.

4. Laundry – Throw in a very small amount with your next load of clothes. This is a really great way to getting your clothes super clean!

5. Dish washer – Add a small amount to the dish washer and let it run its cycle. This will not only clean your dish washer beautifully but will also help in cleaning out the pipes once it empties.

6. Trash Cans – Sprinkle a small amount into the garbage cans to help prevent any odors.

7. Cutting Boards – Scrub the cutting board with a tiny amount of baking soda and it will put an end to onion smells, garlic smells and much more.

8. Tupperware – Make a paste with baking soda and a little water and use this to scrub your Tupperware. You will notice all the stains are gone!

9. Diaper Genie/Pail – Throw some down in the bottom of your diaper pail and this will help rid of all lingering smells.

10. Grease Cleaner – Not only will this help put out grease fires but it will clean up the mess that grease caused.

So now you have a list of just some of the ways that baking soda can be used throughout your home. This is a cheap and safe way to clean; the power of baking soda can go on and on.

Shedding Some Light: Tips on Cleaning Windows

July 11, 2013 by admin

window cleaning

It has come to that time when we have to put on the gloves and just face it head on. Let’s pull back those curtains and raise those blinds, it’s now or never. Here I’m sharing a few tips on cleaning windows that will get the job done and live your home a little brighter.

1. Cloudy Weather is the trick to shiny windows. If you’re going to clean windows do it when the sun isn’t shining so bright. The sun will only dry up any product that you have applied before you even get a chance to properly wash it away. In the end you will be left with a window full of streaks.

2. Mix equal parts vinegar and equal parts hot water. Spray evenly and Wipe away with a clean soft cloth. To help with any product that may have not of washed off from previous cleaning try using a few drops of dish soap mixed in with you vinegar and water solution.

3. Shine those windows up! Using a clean dry chalk board eraser will do work great!

4. Next tackle those screens! You can use any soft bristle brush and gentle give your screens a light scrub. Finish them off with a good rinse.

Window washing is one of the biggest dreaded jobs on everyone’s list. With these tips on washing windows they will for sure to be streak free and shining like new!

Kids and cleaning: Tips to getting your Kid involved

July 11, 2013 by admin

kid cleaning up

As mothers we all know that kids and cleaning is like oil and water, they don’t mix! Getting our little ones to pick up their mess or do their chores is easier said than done. At times we feel it’s just easier to do it ourselves. I have here a couple ideas that may get those toys put up, and the best part is you didn’t have to start a screaming match to get the job done.

This is one of my favorite tricks! Trying to get your toddler to pick up all those toys can be a battle but turning it into a game is sure way to get that little guy involved. See who can pick up the most toys the fastest! Your kid wins leaving him proud of himself and encouraging him to want to do it again! Pretty slick, huh? I thought so.

Another fun idea is letting kids pick their own chore. Making sure the chore is appropriate for the age. Taking trash out or feeding the dog is great chore for your 6 year old. For the older ones they can take on something a little more heavily. As the younger ones get older you can always switch up chores.

Hand out a list of very simple of chores that need to be done. This list will have chores for every age. Then set a certain amount of time for the list to be completed. If the list is completed before the time is up the team wins and they get a prize. Whether its ice cream or renting their favorite movie. This is a great way to get all the kids working together.

Kids and cleaning have never gone hand in hand. With these fun little ideas it’s a for sure way to get everyone to pitch in and help out. Keep rewards simple. We don’t want kids thinking that every time the trash is taking out he goes for ice cream. Kids have to understand that it takes a lot to keep a house clean and having a clean home is a reward itself!

Messes Be Gone!

July 11, 2013 by admin

kids messes

Just face it, it’s going to happen. Some days it won’t be as bad as others, and well those other days it will look like a tornado hit. Having children is having messes. Your windows have become a canvas to their love of finger painting, and their fascination with shoving all the toilet paper down the toilet is all things as parents we deal with daily. As mothers we have be given the task to clean up. Cleaning up all day, the same mess over and over can be frustrating. I have made a step by step guide that will help with your frustration.

Room to Room, Mess to Mess.
1. The entire house needs to be picked up. Don’t freak! Take a deep breath and start with one room, focusing only on that mess. Take one room at a time. Once that room is tidied up move on to the next. I get more satisfaction out completing a job then having started something but never finishing. Go throughout the entire house applying this method and voila! Your home will be spic and span before you know it.

Stop, Drop, and Clean!
2. Once lunch is done or finger painting time is up, clean up right then and there. You may need to make a quick trip to the store or run an errand and the last thing you want is to come home to a mess. Leaving the finger paint out will only provoke your little Picasso to take his artistic abilities through the house. In other words, he’s going to finger paint the sofa. So my best advice is to tackle the mess once it’s made, preventing other messes in the very near future.

Designate Areas
3. Kids are notorious for ripping everything out of draws and never putting them back in their right place. Try assigning certain areas for craft projects, making sure that paint brushes and crayons stay in that area. Try enforcing that snack and meal times are to be eaten in the kitchen. This will help keep any food messes in one spot rather than tracked from room to room.

Kids will be kids and with that said there will be messes. Trying to be organized and staying ahead of your little ones will make a big difference in your home. Keep these 3 steps in mind and your home and mental state will be mess free!

House Cleaning in Collierville – Are you getting the Service you deserve?

July 11, 2013 by admin

Collierville, TN


House cleaning competition is growing rapidly throughout Collierville. There are numerous companies offering services, but not all are equal. Once you have finished reading this you will know just what to look for and what to avoid when choosing the right services for your home.


Reputation and Documentation

When setting out to find the right cleaning service you should always remember to ask for references. Asking for references is one the best ways to get a good feel for a company. It’s one of the easiest and best ways also to find out what others think. A company that can’t or won’t provide references is also a company that won’t provide quality service. You can also look up the company’s site on line and review any comments customers have made.
Also, you will want to know if the company is insured for your own safety and protection. You want to make sure in the case of any property damage, stolen items, or any injury claims that you will be covered if this may occur. This is a very important question to remember to ask any company when in search of cleaning services.


Communication and Convenience
A reliable company is there to meet the needs of their customers. They are there to answer all phone calls and any questions or concerns that a client may have. The company should operate during normal business hours to ensure steady communication with the customer. All customers should be top priority.
A company should be well informed of their services and what they have to offer. Most of all they should be confident with the quality of services they provide. A good cleaning company should also offer flexible scheduling and be able to explain their rates and what they are based upon.
From your first call to your first scheduling you want to be sure you that you are getting the most diligent and professional house cleaners available. Memphis Maids doesn’t have to be your first call but we do want to be your last!
At Memphis Maids we enjoy being in contact with our customers. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter!


Integrity and Performance

Of course no one can ever be for sure how well a company will perform their services until they have actually done so. Every housekeeper should be able to follow directions and the requests of customers; if they don’t then they are not the cleaning company for you.

Every company should have pride in their services and their ability to perform. They should be committed to providing the best quality service possible. At Memphis Maids we do just that.

Putting it All Together

When in search of the house cleaning in Collierville, these are just a few tips to remember. You want a company that you can trust and rely on and that values customers and holds them as first priority. Keeping these insightful ideas in my mind you are guaranteed to find the best service that fits all your needs.

Memphis Maids likes to play it safe. All housekeepers go through an extensive background check and even more extensive training. At Memphis Maids we want the customers to have the very best. We feel it’s important that our customers feel at ease with their housekeeper, that’s why we think paying a small fee to have background checks done before we hire is a no-brainer.
If you still are left searching for house cleaning in Collierville, then we invite you to give Memphis Maids a call today for a fast free and easy quote. We feel so confident in our services that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction. All you have to do is give us call and we will be happy to schedule you today. Then sit back, relax and let us work our magic!

Go Green: 3 Reasons Why You Should!

July 11, 2013 by admin

green cleaning

Have you ever stopped to think what exactly you are spraying when doing your daily cleaning? If not then you should. You are spraying toxic chemicals into the air in which not just you but your family and pets breathe in. These chemicals have been known to cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, and it can even go as far as cancer. Here I’m going to share just 3 reasons why you should go green!

1. Money
With prices jumping up all around us going green will save you green. By purchasing eco-friendly products that tackle multiple jobs, there’s no need to purchase anything else. This allows you to handle more cleaning and less cleaners, leaving less to buy.

2. Your Environment
Since you have chosen to go green you have also chosen to take a stand for your environment as well! Most of all green cleaners have safe and toxic free ingredients that won’t harm the air or the environment. It’s just a small part that we can all take in helping!

3. Health
Many of those cleaners that you spray contain very harsh and extremely harmful chemicals. Those chemicals can linger in the air for months. Some ingredients in your regular cleaners have been known to cause cancer, allergic reactions, and respiratory issues. The faster you go green the faster your family will be protected.

Have you been convinced to green? I sure hope so. Remembering these 3 tips will not only protect your health, the environment, and your wallet but will also leave you with a safe and clean home!

Cleaning your Leather Furniture

July 11, 2013 by admin

leather furniture

Leather furniture although beautiful, can be tough to maintain and care for. Your leather can be ruined if not cleaned properly. Have no worries! I have here a simple way that will help you keep up with cleaning your leather furniture.

1. You will need a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Gentle wipe off any dust or you can use your vacuum to get rid off any thing that may need to be cleaned.

2. Use a few drops of mild liquid soap and distilled water. Make sure it’s distilled. Regular tap water can cause damage to the leather.

3. With a clean rag soak up some your soapy water, making sure you ring out the rag, and then gently wipe your furniture down.

4. Grab another rag, this one you will only use water. You will want to wipe it down again making sure there is no soap residue left behind.

5. With another rag, this one you will leave dry. Dry your leather very good. Be sure not to leave any water remaining, this too can ruin and stain your furniture.

6. Finally, condition the leather with a leather protector.
To prevent your leather furniture from drying out or cracking, move it away from heat and direct sunlight. This will prevent fading or any other damage.

These tips will help when it comes to cleaning your leather furniture and will keep it looking beautiful and like new!

Clean Home Fast: 3 Fast Ways to a Cleaner Home

July 11, 2013 by admin

You just got off the phone with your favorite mother in law and she has just informed you she is going to be stopping in and the house hasn’t even been touched! No need to panic. I’ve got 3 great tricks that will help you have a clean home fast!

First! Tidy up the Bathroom!

Grab the bleach and toss in just a cup full of bleach and give it a good scrub. Let that sit for a few minutes. Now tackle the countertops and sinks. Spray some basic vinegar and water and wipe clean. You should see all those tooth paste spots vanish. Next get a hold of the bathroom rug and give it a good shake. Finally, flush all that bleach that has been sitting in the toilet.

Second! Living/Family Room

Give all the pillows and cushions a good fluff! Then gather up all newspapers, magazines and remotes in put them away in one spot. Next grab any soft cloth or microfiber cloth and do a light dusting over the coffee table, television, or any surface that may need a little attention.

Third! Brighten up the Kitchen

clean faster
Gather up all mail, sippy cups, and cereal boxes and put them up. Give your countertops a quick wipe down. Move over to the sink and rinse it out with a little vinegar and water. Finally give your floors a quick sweep and mop.

There you have it! 3 very simple and very quick ways to help get you a clean home fast!

20 Ways to Use Vinegar

July 11, 2013 by admin


It’s not just for sunburns or dying Easter eggs anymore. Vinegar is rapidly becoming popular to tackle just about any job imaginable. After my own personal use and tips from friends, I have gathered a list of just 20 ways to use vinegar. Its uses don’t stop here. This stuff can be used for skin care, insect bites and repellent, cooking, the list goes on and on.
Here are my top 20 uses of vinegar that can be useful in your home:

1. Clean and disinfects toys
2. Cleans counter tops
3. Cleans away dust off computers with a q tip
4. Takes stickers off surfaces
5. Vanishes stains from pots and pans
6. Dissolves mineral deposits in shower heads
7. Eliminates carpet stains
8. Cleans grout
9. Disinfects and deodorizes refrigerators
10. Cleans coffee pots and its stains
11. Kills germs and bacteria on cutting boards
12. Water marks on wooden furniture
13. Removes stains from toilets
14. Takes crayon marks from clothing
15. Cleans mildew
16. Make your own all-purpose cleaner
17. Unclogs pipes and cleans drains with a little baking soda
18. Spray on wallpaper and peel away
19. Removes stains from Tupperware
20. Gets rid of residue in showers and bathtubs

Like I have mentioned vinegar can be used for just about anything in and outside your home. This is a one product wonder, no need for anything else! Best thing about it is that it’s cheap! So if you can stand the smell briefly you will love the results!

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