Tips for Tipping Maids and Housekeepers

Tips for Tipping Maids and Housekeepers

It’s common to tip servers and hairdressers. But do you tip maids?

Tipping is a great way to show appreciation for a job well done. However, we do get selective sometimes with the type of work that “deserves” a good tip.

Is it common to tip housekeepers that work in a cleaning company? How about tipping independent housekeepers?

In this article you will learn exactly how, when and most importantly, how much to tip your maids!

Do Maids and Housekeepers Get to Keep Tips?

For obvious reasons, independent housekeepers get to keep their tips. But what about employees from a cleaning company?

Well, housekeepers and house cleaners do keep their tips! There’s no need to worry.

First and foremost, it is mandated by federal law. Managers and supervisors are not allowed to keep or restrain an employee’s tips in any way.

Second, this is an amazing moral incentive to continue their amazing work. Tips depend on their work performance after all, so they have earned it fair and square.

It’s good for companies in the long run, because their employees will be more motivated and willing to go the extra mile. Customers will be happy with the quality of work, andthe employees will feel appreciated for their efforts. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Because you are not morally obligated to tip your housekeepers, a tip is seen as a sign that customers are getting the best service possible.

How Much Should I Tip a House Cleaner or Housekeeper?

If you want to tip your housekeeper, it’s nice to follow the common tip range. As we all know, a tip should be at least 15-20% of the cost of the service. However, you may choose to give more or less depending on several factors.

First and foremost, your personal and financial comfort. Remember, you don’t need to tip housekeepers all the time.

If you are not in a good position financially or personally to tip them, you can skip! In fact, many times it’s better to tip less frequently, but when you do so, follow the standard tip percentage.

If you are unsure about how much you should pay for a cleaning service, you might want to read the guide from our friends from Dallas Maids.

Second, if you like giving tips frequently as part of a recurring cleaning service, you might increase this percentage if it’s a special occasion (e.g., a birthday or a promotion).

If you are still unsure, call your service provider. They know better the standard tip amount for housekeepers and will happily recommend you a reasonable amount. You can check your cleaners’ website to check the cost of your service and use that as a reference to decide the amount you are going to tip your maids.

Check Memphis Maids Budget

Last but not least, look into the tipping culture in your area. Tipping in Memphis might not be the same as doing it in Dallas, for example. Your friends, colleagues and family how much do they tip their housekeepers! They are great sources of information, especially if they live in your area.

How do I Know if Maids Deserve a Tip?

Knowing when to tip your housekeepers or anyone offering a service can be quite challenging and a very personal decision. After all, you did pay for their work and you should except a good performance.

The great thing about tips is that it encourages everyone, from new staff to experienced cleaners. If you have a new housekeeper, this can be a great starting point. And it is also a nice gift to house cleaners that you have known for a long time, to show appreciation for their hard work.

First, consider the length and complexity of the job. For example, if the cleaning was a deep cleaning service instead of a standard service, you might want to tip them more for that extra effort.

Perhaps your kitchen was extremely dirty or you hired them to clean your summer house and it hasn’t been cleaned in many months.

Second, consider special circumstances. We will further talk about this below.

Should I Tip Maids and Housekeepers for Special Circumstances?

There is no standard procedure on tipping for special occasions. As we mentioned earlier, it’s not mandatory to tip a housekeeper. This is completely optional and voluntary, and it’s okay if you don’t want to do it after each cleaning service.

However, there are special occasions where you can change this and give them a tip.

For example, you can tip your house cleaners for special events, such as holidays or festivities. We all know holidays are all about giving and helping someone, even with a small gesture. A nice tip can make someone’s day, week, or month.

Next, you have performance tips which are different from regular tips because they are “earned” through time. If you don’t want to give them tips each time they go to your house, you can save a special tip for the end of the year or after they have cleaned your home a certain number of times, for example. Even though it’s their job and they are getting compensated for it, a tip is a nice way of showing appreciation for their hard work

With recurring cleaning services, it’s common to learn more about your housekeeper with time.

A good cleaning company will do their best to always send you the same cleaner because you will feel more at ease with them. Even though they are professional and respectful, they can also be friendly and polite.

Maybe you can give them a tip as a birthday present or to celebrate they got a raise or a promotion. Perhaps you heard they are retiring and you want to give them a goodbye present!

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Are House Cleaners & Housekeepers Paid Well?

One of the deciding factors for most people is knowing if house cleaners get compensated fairly for their work.

Depending on the company, they can get commissions on top of their default salary. This is the most common practice.

This means that, although they always get paid for their work, they might not get their full regular compensation if work days are slow.

They won’t depend on their salaries necessarily, but tips are always welcome. As we mentioned earlier, you tip maids when their work is outstanding. And good cleaning companies take note of that!

Frequent tips and positive feedback with time will help them with a raise in their salaries and range.

Tip maids and housekeepers

Alternative Approach to Tipping Maids

As we mentioned earlier, tips are a great wait to show support for your housekeeper and motivate them to continue their outstanding work.

We understand that, at some point, they are just doing their job. It is a service that you paid for, a transaction where each part is fulfilling its duty. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to show appreciation if you feel like it.

Let’s say, for any reason, you don’t have money but still want to tip your housekeeper. In this case, you can choose to give gifts instead of cash.

For example, you can give a bottle of wine, a small garment such as a scarf, or cookies if you like baking. Holidays are the perfect occasion to give these presents.

Even gift certificates, extra tickets to a theme park or to any fun activity that you can do in Memphis. You have ongoing events constantly at the Renasant Convention Center, the Memphis Zoo or the Stax Museum.

Last but not least, we believe that even the little details speak volumes. If you do not have anything to give, just leave a simple “Thank You” note. This is the type of gift that has a very small cost but so much value.

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Tips for Tipping Maids & Housekeepers

Now that you’ve (hopefully!) decided to tip your maids, we want to give you some tips for the actual process.

Many people see tipping as a bit of an awkward moment. Don’t make it more awkward than it needs to be! Just leave a little “thank you” note along with the tip.

You can also contact customer service before your cleaning to ask if they are able to tip your housekeeper via credit card.

As we mentioned earlier, a tip doesn’t necessarily have to be cash. Take the time to make small talk with your housekeepers, especially if you hired a recurring cleaning service. You will gain some information to give them a small, meaningful gift if you are happy with their work.

Tipping Maids for their exceptional cleaning service


We hope these tips help you decide the best route to take if you want to tip your maids and housekeepers.

Remember: tips are not mandatory and you should only give them when their work is exceptional. If the performance of our staff is anything less than stellar, make sure you contact us and we’ll fix it! Feedback is important for a company to grow and keep quality standards.

At Memphis Maids, we are happy to hear that our housekeepers receive tips and positive reviews from our clients. It is a great moral boost and it’s what helps us keep our top-notch cleaning service.

Don’t forget to check our blog for more cleaning tips!