Messes Be Gone!

kids messes

Just face it, it’s going to happen. Some days it won’t be as bad as others, and well those other days it will look like a tornado hit. Having children is having messes. Your windows have become a canvas to their love of finger painting, and their fascination with shoving all the toilet paper down the toilet is all things as parents we deal with daily. As mothers we have be given the task to clean up. Cleaning up all day, the same mess over and over can be frustrating. I have made a step by step guide that will help with your frustration.

Room to Room, Mess to Mess.
1. The entire house needs to be picked up. Don’t freak! Take a deep breath and start with one room, focusing only on that mess. Take one room at a time. Once that room is tidied up move on to the next. I get more satisfaction out completing a job then having started something but never finishing. Go throughout the entire house applying this method and voila! Your home will be spic and span before you know it.

Stop, Drop, and Clean!
2. Once lunch is done or finger painting time is up, clean up right then and there. You may need to make a quick trip to the store or run an errand and the last thing you want is to come home to a mess. Leaving the finger paint out will only provoke your little Picasso to take his artistic abilities through the house. In other words, he’s going to finger paint the sofa. So my best advice is to tackle the mess once it’s made, preventing other messes in the very near future.

Designate Areas
3. Kids are notorious for ripping everything out of draws and never putting them back in their right place. Try assigning certain areas for craft projects, making sure that paint brushes and crayons stay in that area. Try enforcing that snack and meal times are to be eaten in the kitchen. This will help keep any food messes in one spot rather than tracked from room to room.

Kids will be kids and with that said there will be messes. Trying to be organized and staying ahead of your little ones will make a big difference in your home. Keep these 3 steps in mind and your home and mental state will be mess free!

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