Cleaning your Leather Furniture

leather furniture

Leather furniture although beautiful, can be tough to maintain and care for. Your leather can be ruined if not cleaned properly. Have no worries! I have here a simple way that will help you keep up with cleaning your leather furniture.

1. You will need a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Gentle wipe off any dust or you can use your vacuum to get rid off any thing that may need to be cleaned.

2. Use a few drops of mild liquid soap and distilled water. Make sure it’s distilled. Regular tap water can cause damage to the leather.

3. With a clean rag soak up some your soapy water, making sure you ring out the rag, and then gently wipe your furniture down.

4. Grab another rag, this one you will only use water. You will want to wipe it down again making sure there is no soap residue left behind.

5. With another rag, this one you will leave dry. Dry your leather very good. Be sure not to leave any water remaining, this too can ruin and stain your furniture.

6. Finally, condition the leather with a leather protector.
To prevent your leather furniture from drying out or cracking, move it away from heat and direct sunlight. This will prevent fading or any other damage.

These tips will help when it comes to cleaning your leather furniture and will keep it looking beautiful and like new!

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