Clean Home Fast: 3 Fast Ways to a Cleaner Home

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You just got off the phone with your favorite mother in law and she has just informed you she is going to be stopping in and the house hasn’t even been touched! No need to panic. I’ve got 3 great tricks that will help you have a clean home fast!

First! Tidy up the Bathroom!

Grab the bleach and toss in just a cup full of bleach and give it a good scrub. Let that sit for a few minutes. Now tackle the countertops and sinks. Spray some basic vinegar and water and wipe clean. You should see all those tooth paste spots vanish. Next get a hold of the bathroom rug and give it a good shake. Finally, flush all that bleach that has been sitting in the toilet.

Second! Living/Family Room

Give all the pillows and cushions a good fluff! Then gather up all newspapers, magazines and remotes in put them away in one spot. Next grab any soft cloth or microfiber cloth and do a light dusting over the coffee table, television, or any surface that may need a little attention.

Third! Brighten up the Kitchen

clean faster

Gather up all mail, sippy cups, and cereal boxes and put them up. Give your countertops a quick wipe down. Move over to the sink and rinse it out with a little vinegar and water. Finally give your floors a quick sweep and mop.

There you have it! 3 very simple and very quick ways to help get you a clean home fast!

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