How To Dust Your Home

How To Dust Your Home

Dust is sometimes hard to clean, being a complex material that not always behaves in the same way, which is why we wanted to give you the best way to dust your home. What do you need and how to do it. First, let’s talk about the tools. Which ones work the best and how to use them. So we arranged an awesome guide and tips for you!

First, we need to talk about what tools are good for the job. Some of the best ones are DIY solutions. So don’t panic if you are in a pickle. First let’s talk about tools, you can make your own or buy one.

Cleaning Tools to Get Started

Traditional dusters: These after a while they stop being useful. They don’t trap the dust and just disperse it all over the place. You should avoid this kind of device, it will give you more headaches and allergies than any other.

Regular cloths: Old clothes you have can act as a cheap substitute for a cleaning cloth. An old shirt that is too damaged to donate to charity can be cut into pieces and be used to clean your place. Old kitchen clothes are really good to clean the place. They are reusable and could last you a long time. They are not the perfect solution but they are practical, cheap and really good.

Socks: These are a good fit when they are so old that they have holes in them. You put it on your hand like a puppet and clean every surface that you can reach. This is an effective method and overall cheap.

Microfiber cloths: The single best way to clean dust is with a microfiber cloth! They trap every little mote of dust well and you can wash them and reuse them for a very long time. They are very cost-efficient because of this perk. You can 

Vacuums: These are good for large quantities of dust. You need a good one with great quality with long-lasting capabilities. You really need to use all the accessories to use the full range of your vacuum. If you stick to the basic one you won’t see much improvement over your cleaning. Use it heavily on carpets, cushions and even plush toys could benefit from a good cleaning once in a while.

Universal cleaners: If you live in a humid area the dust can become more of a paste. This paste is quite hard to remove most of the time. You need some kind of liquid to remove it and here is where it comes these universal cleaners. Put some on any kind of clothing you have in your home and rub it on the dusty surface.

Vinegar: This one’s a classic. Vinegar is an acid that you can dilute a little in some water and put it on your cleaning cloth and clean with it. This is a great cheap substitute of the universal cleaner. It can be helpful in a pinch.

Cleaning Tips to Dust Your Home

Our best tip for dusting is to do it regularly. Change your sheets once per week or once every two weeks. Keep your closet tidy. Your closet is one of the places where dust builds up the quickest, you spent a great deal of time there and your clothes and shoes release particles that create dust. So keep your things tidy and your home clean.

* Change your sheets once a week. While you’re asleep you release skin cells and this skin gets together and create dust. Your sheets get so much dust in them. That you wouldn’t believe it. So change them often so you don’t clean as often the dust in your room. Is way easier to change it than to clean the dust. You can read our Cleaning Sheets and Bedding guide for more tips.

* Use air purifiers. Air purifiers trap the dust particles floating in the air. This way you would see a great diminution in the dust accumulation in your home. 

* Don’t use carpets on every room in your house. Carpets are dust magnets and dust accumulators. They trap every single dust particle that floats and cleaning them is hard and expensive. Deep cleaning a carpet should be done.

* Clean your shoes when you get home. Set a little cleaning carpet in your home to shake your shoes when you arrive. A large percentage of the dust that is inside your house comes from the outside.

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed these cleaning tips to dust your home fast and efficiently. Remember to check out our booking page if you need a cleaning service in Memphis. 

Good luck with your cleaning!

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