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Make Your Life Easier With Memphis Maids Cleaning Hacks

by memphismaids - August 28, 2019

Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning and dusting are tasks that usually feel like they take forever, there is always that stain that won’t come off or those inaccessible areas that give you a hard time. There are cleaning hacks that can make your life easier. You’re probably asking yourself, “if only I knew about them” right?
That is what I’m here for, to talk to you about some of the most popular hacks there are out there to make the whole cleaning process easier for you.


It is a fact known by many that dusting should be the first step when cleaning a house. But what happens if I don’t have that fancy gadget I see every night on infomercials? Well, a great replacement is to use a chenille sock. Just put it on your hand and get to dusting, not only for blinds but this can be used to get the dust off your floors after or even to dust your ceiling fan!
Softener sheets are a great product to avoid dust from accumulating. After you finish dusting just go over different areas with a sheet and ta dah! No more dust for a longer period of time. It can be used on the baseboards, floors or some furniture. Appliances, as much as we hate it, get dust all over them as well, the easiest way to prevent it is to apply wax after cleaning them which will make the process easier next time.


I believe it to be the most important task of keeping a house clean, it prevents germs from spreading everywhere every time you touch a different item.

The two most popular ingredients to always have in your house are vinegar and backing soda. Why? you ask. Well, for example a simple hack for when you want a clean dishwasher is to set a bowl half way full with vinegar and leave it in there for the first cycle (make sure the water setting is on hot), in the next cycle you spread backing soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and let the cycle run, once this is done your dishwasher should look brand new! If you have not cleaned your dishwasher in ages and you can tell there is some mold starting to grow, then run one more cycle and add one cup of bleach this time in the bottom (if dishwasher stainless steel on the inside this step is not recommended, it can damage the appliance permanently).

Another great option is to vinegar to clean the inside of your microwave without scrubbing and just wiping instead. What you’re going to do is put a glass cup or bowl with vinegar and water, throw a wooden spoon in it so it can prevent it from overheating, set it for 5-10 minutes and the steam from the water and vinegar will help loosen up any old splatters and spills making it easier to wipe them off without any scrubbing!

A very common ingredient that I also want to talk about is Borax. Borax can be used with just about anything, to remove dust, scrub showers, tubs, toilets and tiles without damaging them and has great anti-fungal properties. It is also used for carpets, just add half a cup in a gallon of water and use that mix to clean them. Any rust stains can also be cleaned easily by mixing one cup with ¼ of a cup of lemon juice, rub the paste over the stains, then rinse with warm water.

Did you know that a very important item to clean is your garbage disposal?
I bet not… well, I have an easy solution for you. Throw 3 tablespoons of borax in the bottom of the garbage disposal and let it sit there for at least an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Two extra hacks for the use of borax are: how to remove odors from a trash can and a mattress. With a mattress you have to damp the area with a bit of water then add the borax covering it completely, wait till it dries and remove all the excess with a vacuum.
To completely eliminate odors from you trashcan, just fill it with water and add a big scoop, let it rest for an hour at least, then rinse and clean.

Making your own disinfecting cleaner is also pretty simple, make it using 1 cup of vinegar,1 cup of water, 25 drops of lemon essential oil and 25 drops of tea tree oil, pour the mix into a spray bottle and give it a good shake before using. This is a quick way to spray any household item and disinfect it. Another alternative is reusable disinfecting wipes. Combine in a large glass jar 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons of dawn dish soap then place the kitchen cloths in there and you have yourself disinfecting wipes for everyday use.


Sweeping can be so frustrating especially if you have pets or you have a lot of hair to deal with, the reason is because you have it flying everywhere. An easy solution to this problem is to add tape to the bottom of your broom where the adhesive is facing down and go over your floors after the first sweep to get any excess hair or even trash so the tape can pick it up.

Mopping is another task that requires attention if you don’t have the right products for every type of floor. If you are in your kitchen and you notice any grease marks it can be so hard to remove but with a mix of dish soap, baking soda, vinegar and warm water together it can create an amazing solution (just do not use it on wax floors).
Are there scratches on your linoleum or laminate floors?  Just use club soda to make the them disappear use a very soft steel-wool and buff it lightly on the spot where the scratch is at. Now, if there’s a spot that won’t come off, I mix together hydrogen peroxide and lemon-oil drops. This works better in a well natural lighted area. It’ll basically gently bleaches away the stain without damaging the floor. So awesome!


If I use club soda to get little stains out of shirts, why not off carpets?
If it’s a white carpet you have though, just use club soda, vinegar and/or ammonia, spray on carpet, cover  with an old t-shirt or any cotton cloth and iron the area. Let’s say you have one of those mystery stains that you have no idea how to get rid off. Well, this trick has worked for me every time. Just simply soak a cloth in the solution mentioned above instead of just spraying the area, and iron it over the carpet.

Hope this life hacks for cleaning help you out because they sure help me!

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