20 Ways to Use Vinegar


It’s not just for sunburns or dying Easter eggs anymore. Vinegar is rapidly becoming popular to tackle just about any job imaginable. After my own personal use and tips from friends, I have gathered a list of just 20 ways to use vinegar. Its uses don’t stop here. This stuff can be used for skin care, insect bites and repellent, cooking, the list goes on and on.
Here are my top 20 uses of vinegar that can be useful in your home:

1. Clean and disinfects toys
2. Cleans counter tops
3. Cleans away dust off computers with a q tip
4. Takes stickers off surfaces
5. Vanishes stains from pots and pans
6. Dissolves mineral deposits in shower heads
7. Eliminates carpet stains
8. Cleans grout
9. Disinfects and deodorizes refrigerators
10. Cleans coffee pots and its stains
11. Kills germs and bacteria on cutting boards
12. Water marks on wooden furniture
13. Removes stains from toilets
14. Takes crayon marks from clothing
15. Cleans mildew
16. Make your own all-purpose cleaner
17. Unclogs pipes and cleans drains with a little baking soda
18. Spray on wallpaper and peel away
19. Removes stains from Tupperware
20. Gets rid of residue in showers and bathtubs

Like I have mentioned vinegar can be used for just about anything in and outside your home. This is a one product wonder, no need for anything else! Best thing about it is that it’s cheap! So if you can stand the smell briefly you will love the results!

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