5 Things you’re forgetting to Clean


We all have busy lives these days. It’s understandable that we miss a thing or two when it’s comes to cleaning. Here I have a list of just a 5  things that you’re forgetting to clean. But don’t sweat it; these are very simple little tasks that will only take a few minutes to clean.

1. Cleaning Tools
We get so busy sweeping up hair and wiping up dirt that we forget that the very tool you are using needs a little attention itself. We need to remember to show our beloved mops, brooms, and vacuums the same care.

2. Garbage Cans
Just because you have removed all the garbage doesn’t mean you have removed all the bacteria and germs. Giving your trash cans at least once a week will help cut out those nasty germs that are lingering around in your trash can. Just a little water and bleach will do the job!

3. Shower Curtains
Next time you step out of the shower grab a disinfecting spray and give that shower curtain a good spray. This will prevent and mildew or germs from growing in or around the shower.

4. Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans
I’m especially forgetful when it comes to tacking ceiling fans. You would be amazed and maybe a bit embarrassed as to how much dust that can be found if not dusted on a regular basis. Once a week give all ceiling fans and light fixtures around your home a friendly dusting.

5. Light Switch Plates
This is hot spot for germs and bacteria. Everyone’s hands have been on these things. Using a disinfectant wipe or rag dipped in a little bleach water solution will help cut down on the dirt and grime found on these.

Ok so there you have it. A quick little check list next time you think you have conquered the entire house, come back to this list and give yourself a clean friendly reminder.

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