Disinfecting your home: 5 Easy Ways

disinfect home

Has the flu and cold taken over your home? I have here a few ways that will help gain back what is rightfully yours! These 5 simple disinfectants will not only rid your home from bacteria but it will make your home spic and span! The best part is that they are easy on your pocket but hard on germs!


We have all used hydrogen peroxide on cuts and scrapes to clean them of germs; you can use this same method in your home! This can also act as a great stain remover for carpets and clothes. It works wonders in the bath tub to remove all that built up scum. To make cleaning a little easier, you can use your hydrogen peroxide straight from the bottle! Just add a sprayer that fits and have at it.


This method is a very simple to disinfect your home. As long as you’re not trying to tackle an outbreak of germs soap and water is an easy and quick way to get things cleaned. So grab your bucket, fill it with steamy hot water and then just add your soap. Soap and water is a sure way to get rid of germs and any surface clean.


Baking soda when used by it is not a disinfectant but add some vinegar and you have yourself one great way to disinfect your home! When used with just a little water and a scouring pad you have a great method to tackle those stuck on food dishes. Want to shine or polish up all your brass? Add a little lemon juice to your baking soda and polish away. Baking soda is wonderful when wanting to get rid of odors that are lingering around.


You will be amazed at how just a couple of drops of tea tree oil and a little water will disinfect your home. Tea tree oil is completely natural. Use it anywhere you might think germs have come in contact with. It works wonders on disinfecting countertops, sinks, and even tile. This great little remedy also works great on disinfecting areas where your beloved pet may have had an accident.


You can never go wrong with vinegar when it comes to disinfecting your home. Vinegar is a pure natural disinfectant and the uses of it can go on and on! Due to its antimicrobial properties it will work miracles on mold. We all want streak windows, right? Vinegar, vinegar, and more vinegar! Don’t worry the smell will vanish within minutes. It will rid your sinks of unseen germs and toilets of mold. When picking out which vinegar to use, white distilled is the way to go!

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