Wood Care: 5 Simple Tips when Caring for your Wood

wood furniture

Wood furniture can be a hassle to care for. I can sympathize with your frustration in keeping your favorite antique night stand becoming dull. You probably never gave it much thought that your wood furniture would turn into a lifelong commitment…well it has!

Here I have are some useful tips when it comes to taking care of all your wood furnishings.


1. A little soap and water never hurt anybody nor will it hurt your wood! Just a little soap and water will do just fine when it comes to getting that wood clean. Make sure to wipe up any residual moisture with a soft cloth. Any wet spots left behind could stain or cause harm to the surface.


2. Keep your wood furniture away from heating units or vents! The heat can and will cause it to dry and possibly shrink. Imagine your grandmother’s rocking chair just shrinking away! The heat will also cause cracking. During the drier months you can always use a humidifier to replace some of that moisture in the air which will help with the wood from drying out.


3. If your wooden table is near a window be careful! The sun beaming thru can cause great damage. The sun can fade or even ruin your finish. This tip kind of goes along with the same as tip number two. In conclusion the sun and heat will destroy your furniture!


4. When caring for your wood furniture you will need to protect the finish with a good wax. Just spread an even thin layer, wait a few minutes and the buff away with a soft cloth. Shoe cloths work best. Keep in mind the longer you leave it the better the results!


5. This is my favorite tip of all for wood care: Beeswax! Pledge will handle the job too, but the beeswax not only lasts longer but it’s very friendly for the environment. Make sure to give your furniture a little dusting before applying the wax.

Here’s a great recipe for homemade polish:

2 tbsp. beeswax beads or finely grated beeswax
7-8 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

Place 2-3 inches of water in a pot and heat it till it starts to steam. Next place a jar or container in the water. Add your beeswax and let it melt. Then pour your oil in, stirring until you have made a paste and there you have it! Your own polish! This will do great when it comes to caring for any of your beautiful wood furniture.

With these 5 helpful tips your wood furniture is for sure to stay looking great!

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