Shedding Some Light: Tips on Cleaning Windows

window cleaning

It has come to that time when we have to put on the gloves and just face it head on. Let’s pull back those curtains and raise those blinds, it’s now or never. Here I’m sharing a few tips on cleaning windows that will get the job done and live your home a little brighter.

1. Cloudy Weather is the trick to shiny windows. If you’re going to clean windows do it when the sun isn’t shining so bright. The sun will only dry up any product that you have applied before you even get a chance to properly wash it away. In the end you will be left with a window full of streaks.

2. Mix equal parts vinegar and equal parts hot water. Spray evenly and Wipe away with a clean soft cloth. To help with any product that may have not of washed off from previous cleaning try using a few drops of dish soap mixed in with you vinegar and water solution.

3. Shine those windows up! Using a clean dry chalk board eraser will do work great!

4. Next tackle those screens! You can use any soft bristle brush and gentle give your screens a light scrub. Finish them off with a good rinse.

Window washing is one of the biggest dreaded jobs on everyone’s list. With these tips on washing windows they will for sure to be streak free and shining like new!

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