Time-Saving Tips for a Quick Spring Cleaning

Hi everyone! Today Memphis Maids is bringing you some time-saving tips for Spring Cleaning. Let’s get your home clean and tidy in a single day!

We’re so happy to see Spring is finally here in Memphis! We’re finally able to go out and enjoy a bit of time outside.

We understand some people enjoy house cleaning, as it’s stress-releasing and even fun and calming. But others want to finish as quickly and smoothly as possible. That’s why we came up with some time-saving tips for spring cleaning!

However, cleaning doesn’t have to be a burden. At Memphis Maids, we love to empower our customers to keep their homes clean and tidy. With the right tools and techniques, your spring cleaning will be done in just a few hours. One and done and you can move on with your day!

As always, remember to check Memphis Maids’ cleaning and maid service in the Memphis area. Spring cleaning is one of the moments of the year when people can benefit from a cleaning service to get their homes cleaned by pros and leave a spotless house.

Without further ado, let’s read some time-saving tips for spring cleaning!

Find the Right Tools

Finding the right cleaning equipment is key if you want to finish faster. You want to have tools that are versatile, long-lasting, and that help you clean non-stop and then move on to the next area.

Our first example: a handheld steam cleaner.

Steam is one of the safest and most effective cleaning agents. It’s just water but the temperature makes it easier to loosen up grease and grime.

A handheld steam cleaner is especially effective for tile floors and walls, kitchen countertops, and cabinets. If you have the 3-in-1 version, this is even more handy because you can reach high ceilings, switch to a steam mop, and then use it as a standard handheld cleaner.

You can also get a duster with a telescopic extension. This way, you can use them for areas that are out of reach and then you can switch them to a regular duster and clean your drawers or shelves.

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Multitask to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to put your multitasking skills to good use. Most cleaning products work by leaving them on the surface for 30 minutes. Some good examples: toilet bowls, countertops, ovens and microwaves.

While you’re letting the toilet bowl cleaner act on the surface, wipe your vanity and your sink. Or fold your laundry while waiting for the dishwasher to do its job.

Or, after cleaning your toilet, your sink and your bathroom walls and floors, take a shower and then disinfect your shower while you’re at it. It’s best to leave this as the last step of your cleaning, so you end up feeling clean and refreshed.

If you have a robot mop/vacuum, even better! Once you finish cleaning each room, leave the robot working while you move to the next task.

By combining tasks, you can make the most of your time and get more done in less time.

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Divide Your Tasks into Smaller Actions

We usually associate spring cleaning with an overwhelming, long task. This is why it’s key to create a cleaning checklist and divide tasks into smaller, more manageable actions.

Even if you were to perform a single task such as vacuuming, you can still divide that same task into 5 different sections. Let’s say one for each room of your home, 20 minutes a day.

You can combine this task with other tasks and split them over 3 – 5 days. For example, vacuuming living rooms and decluttering your closets on Monday, disinfecting your bathroom shower and washing all your bedding on Tuesday, and so on.

Completing tasks, even if it’s just step by step, is better than not doing anything at all. By the end of the week, you’ll be done with your Spring Cleaning!

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Focus on High-Impact Areas

Focusing on high-impact areas is key if you want to save time for spring cleaning.

It’s tempting to start from the ground up and try to clean everything in between, from knick-knacks you don’t even like anymore, to random items inside each drawer and cabinet. But this takes a lot of time (which you don’t have). If you focus on high-impact areas, you will get the most positive outcome with the least resources (time and energy).

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If you expect to receive guests, the entryway is a good start. Focus on decluttering your shoe/coat rack, vacuum and disinfect your floors, (with a pet deodorizer if you have pets).

For your kitchen, focus on clear, tidy countertops and wiping your cabinet doors and your dining table. If you have extra time, you can focus on cabinets and drawers as well.


We know (almost) no one likes to spend endless hours cleaning, especially for Spring Cleaning, which is overwhelming and frustrating.

With these time-saving tips, you will finish your spring clean quickly. Remember: multitask and let cleaning products act on the surface, divide tasks into smaller actions, and focus on high-impact areas. Our final tip: play some music or a podcast while cleaning! Make it a fun experience and learn something new along the way.

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We will be back very soon with more cleaning articles!